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Circle of SupportersforReformed Offenders 

A Circle of Supporters has been established to create linkage and relationships between offenders and people of social consciousness and compassion, for the purpose of building a consciousness of responsibility and accountability so that the offender will continue to recognize and commit to the making of amends that is necessary for social redemption and atonement for their past acts of wrongdoing. Amends must be made through present and future acts of good will and good work.

 Method of Operation

·The Circle is an interactive network consisting of Reformed Offenders in New York State prisons and empathetic individuals in the outside community who believe in the promise of Repentance, Atonement and Redemption.

·Outside Supporters work with Reformed Offenders in classes, workshops, seminars, or through correspondence. They assist in the educational, social, and spiritual transformation of offenders seeking rehabilitation and reconciliation.

·Upon release of the Reformed Offender, the Circle of Supporters will serve as a network to advise, counsel, and refer the Reformed Offender to whatever service agencies that may be needed to help with the offender’s transition.

·Supporters will be asked to give full support to parole or clemency petitions.

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:Prisoners Are People Too, Inc. (

George BaBa Eng (

Karima Amin (


P. O. Box 273

Buffalo, N.Y, 14212


“The reformed offender is no longer a threat to public safety. We have appeared before our first, second, third and fourth parole boards and are still being denied parole release.

 We have been denied parole based on the ‘instant offense.’ The ‘instant offense’ will never change. People and conditions can and do change and we, as reformed offenders, have shown through our demonstrated words and actions over the years, that the false reasoning used by the Parole Board to deny parole should not be allowed to stand…

 As reformed offenders, we realize that we will always owe a debt of atonement to our families and communities, because of the history of crime and ignorance that we once helped to perpetuate requires our commitment to eradicate.

 We have shown remorse, obtained college degrees, organized and coordinated prison programs aimed at reforming others. We have enormous resources of skills, knowledge, and experience to offer. We ask that you hold us accountable and that you hold your elected officials responsible.” (George BaBa Eng, 2007)

George BaBa Eng is the Director of Programs for PRISONERS ARE PEOPLE TOO, INC.. He is a Reformed Offender. After 36 years of incarceration in the states of NY and NJ, he is free, living with the rules and regulations of NY Parole Supervision. While on the inside, he spent most of his time getting an education, taking advantage of therapeutic programs, and working to better himself while encouraging fellow prisoners to do the same. He earned an Associate Degree in Para-Legal Studies and a BS in Sociology. He graduated cum laude in 2004. He also holds a diploma from the NY Theological Seminary in Christian Ministries/Pastoral Counseling. 

In addition to taking therapeutic programs, he created a few and earned the NAACP's prestigious Thalheimer Award in 1991 for "exemplary program development." His work experience on the inside is extensive, having served as a law library clerk, teacher's aide, chaplain's clerk, and facilitator for the Alternatives to Violence Project.

Mr. Eng is also a writer whose words have been shared in print, electronic, and broadcast media. In 2003, a scholarly paper on "Restorative Justice" was shared at the Manning Marable Conference on Africana Studies at Columbia University in NYC. He is also a certified Peer Counselor and a certified Educator/Trainer for HIV/AIDS awareness.

Since his return to community, he has served as a Re-entry Mentor and Restorative Justice Associate with Back to Basics Outreach Ministries. He has earned licenses from the International Institute of Restorative Practices (Bethlehem, PA) and further serves as a certified Facilitator of Peace Circles and Family/Community Conferencing. He is the Restorative Justice Developer for the City of Buffalo.




(aka Bro. Mu'haimin)

This is Bro. Mu'haimin (center) with his family. Each family member provided a beautiful letter of support for Shawnon's first parole board appearance. He also received several letters of reasonable assurance from organizations that believed that he was both parole ready and parole eligible. His family has encouraged and inspired him since he was first incarcerated in 1990. In turn, he has encouraged and inspired them by showing remorse for his crime, securing an education, and working hard to show his willingness to be an asset to his family and community. Members of the Circle of Supporters for Reformed Offenders helped Bro.Mu'haimin and his family with letters of support, phone calls, and by providing guidance in the preparation of his "parole package."

We had a major victory! Bro. Mu'haimin will be FREE in 90 days (January 7, 2014)! 

James Mc Moore

(aka Bro. Adl)

We have known James Mc Moore for several years. Through frequent letters and phone calls, we have been kept abreast of his many achievements. He has recently earned 18 college credits from Siena College, Londonville, NY. In a recent letter (08-21-13), F. Pizzo, C. O. & Staff Advisor of the B1-Aftercare Addiction Counseling Program at Mt. McGregor C. F. describes him as being diligent and productive in this offender ran program as a staff member. Mr. Mc Moore facilitated the curriculums that governed the programs' daily and evening activities, consisting of therapeutic group meetings, sessions, and seminars. C. O. Pizzo also states, "He has always displayed a strong desire to rehabilitate himself as well as help others do the same by immersing into all aspects of the program, as well as through sacrifice of personal time." We actively support Bro. Adl as he prepares for his upcoming parole hearing, scheduled for May of 2014. We know that he is eager to be a free and focused asset to his family (shown above) and his community. (ANOTHER VICTORY! Mr. McMoore is FREE!)

Another Success!!!! GERROD BENNETT made it home, June 14, 2016!

It took more than 20 years...strong support, letters and many prayers but the tide has finally turned. Mr. Bennett's family and community are as happy and blessed as he is. His profile flyer reminds all of us that "The road to redemption is always under construction." He takes full responsibility for his past and assumes full accountability for his future.



JULY 2020...Welcome home Floyd Martin!

IT IS RARE FOR A PRISONER TO COME HOME AFTER HIS/HER FIRST PAROLE BOARD HEARING....BUT FLOYD MARTIN DID IT!!!!! In NYS, if release is denied, a prisoner must wait 2 years before he/she can get another Parole Board hearing.

He is so happy and we are happy for him and his family. Stay tuned for updates. Here are two photos of Floyd and his sons. CELEBRATE! CELEBRATE! CELEBRATE!

Here's Floyd with his youngest son...

Jayvon....age 16.

Here's Floyd with his eldest son....

Olajwan .... age 17.

We applaud Floyd's efforts and wish him well.

His positive outlook will help with a successful reentry.

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